Diets that will help you to lose weight for your wedding

wedding diet tipsYour amazing dream dress? Check. Perfect body? Not quite there, yet. Like most brides with a wedding closing in, you’re on an important mission to lose weight for your wedding have the right wedding diet to look your absolute best on your most important day, aka, big day 🙂

But with hundreds of health and wedding diet plans and workout systems to choose from, you don’t even know where to start and before you know it, the day is close and you don’t look your best…

Don’t you love Michelle Obama’s super sculpted arms or Gwen Stefani’s washboard abs? Let’s find out how you can get a celebrity body like I did in two weeks and finally lose those last few pounds once and for all and look your absolute best on your special day. Read this short article from my personal experience of how I was able to lose weight for my wedding in 2 weeks, weight loss tips and lowfat diet tricks that really work from newlyweds who walked down the aisle looking (and feeling!) fit and fabulous.

Before I give away my own weight loss trick, let me share some of the tips that I took from other  which was extremely helpful in my weight loss process:

Rather than deprive myself of all the bad-for-you foods, I decided that I would give up only my favorite three: soda, ice cream and pizza. I also drank about 64 ounces of water every day, and whenever I got stressed about the wedding, I took a 15- to 20-minute power walk. I stressed out a lot during the last stages of my wedding planning, so I did plenty of walking!”
—Vivian Nickerson, Culver City, California. Lost 20 lbs.

“I banished the word ‘diet’ from my vocabulary and focused more on my overall health and well being than on looking great in my wedding dress. I didn’t deny myself my favorite treats but instead learned to eat them in moderation. I also stopped doing self-destructive things like starving myself all day and then bingeing on a pint of ice cream and feeling guilty about it later. Once I began eating three proper meals a day and exercising regularly, the pounds started to come off naturally.”
—Joan Oniszko, Brooklyn, New York. Lost 113 lbs.

“The one major thing that I did to lose weight before my wedding was to stop eating so much sugar. For instance, I am a big coffee drinker, and I used to add six packets to one little Styrofoam cup. That really adds up! So, about six months before the wedding, I started using a sugar substitute, and that one small change made a huge difference.”
—Tyava Winborne, Los Angeles, California. Lost 15 lbs.

Now, here’s another wedding weight loss tip:

Learn Core Strengthening Secrets
“For my wedding weight loss plan, I started doing CORE FUSION®, which fuses core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, interval cardio training, and yoga. Going to class motivated me in a group setting and focused on total body toning with extra focus on the core, which was my target area. The class bridges the mind and body to improve overall well being while fulfilling my fitness goals—a perfect workout to clear my head from the stressful planning leading up to the wedding! It was my favorite hour of the day and really kept me balanced. The class also taught me that you do not need to use heavy weights to get toned arms. They recommend 3 and 5 pound weights, which—believe it or not—still really toned my arms!” -Stephanie, New York, NY
For now, I’m going to leave you with these simple wedding weight loss tips. In my future posts, I’ll be explaining my exact jurney and how I was able to lose weight for my wedding in 2 weeks using a simple trick.

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